Point of Sale is a comprehensive suite of application modules, packaged to meet the needs of different segments in the industry. Standard product offerings are available for Garments/Footware/Super Markets/ and companies with customized requirements.

A completely a cloud based system which can be accessed from anywhere at any device. It has both onsite and offsite database architecture.So if there is no internet/intranet, application would continue to work Being a cloud based you never need to worry about your data loss!.

We have desktop and web applications with different interfaces for different industries like Garment/Footwear/Supermarkets with financial and employees management.

At Centralized Database Poweful BI and analytics. Comparison of sales of different stores.

Point of Sale

Highlighted Features

  • Make accounting automatic
  • Know your numbers
  • Speed, Speed, Speed
  • Easily add more devices & terminals
  • Stock management in seconds
  • Save time on timesheets
  • Manage your business from anywhere
  • Powerful Receipts
  • Desktop/Web Versions
  • Having Store/Offline/Centralized Database Architecture. Working normally even if there is no internet/intranet
  • Different versions as per nature of industry

Powerful BI

  • Compare sales of different stores
  • Compare Trends of different stores/li>
  • Customized Features comparisions