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Product Features

Online Cloud Based Education Management System for Schools and Colleges

Admission Management
  • Admission Form(Entry)
  • Up-to-date admissions report
  • Monthly admissions
  • Class wise admissions
  • Gender wise admissions
  • All comparison reports
  • Area wise admissions
  • comparison (From which area more students are coming)
  • Value added feature of SMS will also be provided with this module
Fee Management
  • Fee form (Entry)
  • Fee list detail report
  • Daily fee summary report
  • Monthly fee analysis report
  • Fee collection report cashier wise
  • Class wise fee analysis report
  • Recovery % report (how much remaining fee has been recovered from students)
  • Defaulter’s fee list report
  • Multiple campus report (cross campus fee collection)
  • SMS value added service is included
Results Management
  • Class wise test result report
  • Weekly test result report
  • Monthly test result report
  • Pre-send-up’s result report
  • Send-up’s report
  • Pre-board report
  • Subject % wise comparison report
  • Overall % wise comparison report
  • Board to board comparison report
  • Monthly progress comparison report
  • SMS value added feature is also included
Finance Management
  • Daily cash book
  • Vouchers, CRV, CPV, BRV, BPV, PV and JV
  • Ledger Reports / Sub ledgers Reports
  • Trail Balance
  • Profit and loss account
  • Balance sheet
  • Income and expenditure reports month wise Key Features
Attendance Management
  • Thumb Impression (Entry)
  • Daily Absent report
  • Daily Attendance report
  • Monthly Attendance report
  • Comparison of monthly
  • Attendance report
  • Short Leave report
  • Summary of present % report
  • SMS value added service is also included
Library Management
  • Tracks number of books and subscribers in a library
  • Add manage books categories
  • Manage and edit books
  • Search books
  • Add book details with category, price and purchase date
  • Maintains book issue date, return date and overdue days
  • Maintains persons details who are concerned with the books.
Assets Management
  • Tracking out the record of entire stock
  • Purchased products (consumable/ non consumable) and their bills
  • Issued products to a campus/ department
  • Available product stock
  • Complete information of inventory stock
  • Product wise transactions
  • Record of purchased stock
  • Products date wise report
HR Management
  • Manage Primary Data
    • Departments, Designations, Document type, Leave type, Educational level
  • Manage new Employees
  • Reports
  • • Employee's daily attendance
  • • Employee's daily attendance report
  • • Employee Management
  • • Searching employee
  • • Editing employee
  • • Deleting employee
  • • All employee’s reports
  • • Employee joining and leaving report

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