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You want to manage your store’s data, we have the best solution that you need. Cyber Solutions is providing the best point of sale software in the entire market for marts, restaurants, bakeries, salons, pharmacies, etc. POS is a digital network where everything like sales, purchase, stock, inventory, etc are connected with the main computer. All terminals of your store will be interconnected, even you can connect terminals of different sale points at one point. It is suitable for all type of sale point of businesses no matter its a grocery or a medical store etc. You can use it either as an android or windows application.

pos dashboard

Point of sale is feasible, even you are running large scale or small scale business, we have a comprehensive suite of applications that will full fill your all needs. Our product will allow you to manage all areas like inventory, sales, customers, suppliers, accounts and many other activities because it is not only a sale purchase software but to manage your whole store even multi-store system. It has a user-friendly interface with an outclass dashboard that allows you to instantly access your sale and purchase analytics, inventory management, and reporting system at any time and anywhere. Bar-code scanners and printers are also part of this system.

POS software is too easy to use you are not required many operations to manage your store, you just have to enter small input and you will get maximum output. The use of POS will enhance your business and will make it more efficient by removing the mess of paperwork. It will build your trust among customers by providing a proper computerized receipt of their sales.


Control On Your Business

It allows you to have a proper check on all activities. With retail software, you can keep your products up-to-date, as you know how many products are sold and how many are remaining in stock. You can make a comparison between the sales of different products daily or monthly.

Planning about Business

While using point of sale as you can check your daily base sale, inventory and can analyze all other activities. So, you can make better planning about the future to enhance your business.

Efficient Business

Point of sale software reduces paperwork, saves time and money and manages all activities regarding sales, inventory, and purchase digitally that makes your business more efficient. Make thanks to POS that is the Best Retail Management Software.

important features pos

Highlighted Features

  • Stock management
  • Inventory, ‘Stock IN’ & ‘Stock OUT’ (Multiple Stores)
  • Manage your business on cloud server / Offline
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Easily add more devices & terminals
  • Time Saving
  • Multiple payment gateways(cash/credit cards)
  • Accounts Management
  • Profit & Loss (Using Average Cost)
  • Powerful Receipts
  • Search bars (item name, bar-code, item description)
  • User Profile (Security)
  • All Ledgers
  • Bar-code label Printing
  • Urdu Invoice Printing
  • Easily Bar-code Scanner/ Printer Devices Integration
  • Having Offline/Centralized Database Architecture.
  • No internet/intranet required for offline POS.
  • Different versions (According to the business domain)
  • Real-time Reports (Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Ledger, Expense)
  • Expense Management
  • Customer Profile Management
  • Bills and discounts
  • Comments regarding order

Future of POS

As we know the digital industry is developing more and more by the passage of time. People demand a more personalized and smart business environment. According to a recent report on the industry of POS, it is stated that the market value of POS terminals will be $98.27 billion by the end of 2022. As a businessman, it is necessary to keep using point of sale software based on next-generation technologies to keep your business smarter. We are providing the best online and offline experience of the point of sale in Lahore Pakistan and whole over the country.

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