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Single Stop Online School Management System

An investment in education pays the best interest keeping this booming quotation in mind, Cyber Solutions is providing ever best offline and online electronic school management system from 11 years in Pakistan and whole over the world, because our priority is advanced education system for the progress of our nation. Electronic school management system is based on several applications that will change your school environment by handling your all data regarding every department like admission, accounts, attendance, results, library, examination, stock management and much more under one roof. No matter your school is large-scaled or small our product is feasible for all institutes. Our school administration software will assist the management in each and every step, form enrolling a student to issuing institute leaving certificate everything will be done by school software.
While handling data manually there are many chances of error but while using software all calculations will be automated and error-free.

eSm Dashborad
eSm Dashborad

The use of online school management system will enhance the productivity and save time which is the need for this era because people are too busy and want the best solutions in less time. Electronic school management changes the school into a smart school system where teachers and students can collaborate beyond the classrooms and also reduce the mess of paperwork by providing digital records. It covers all aspects of educational institutes like learning, administration, management and other activities.
You can manage the limitations of every department and authorized users while using this software. It is competent to manage data of all educational institutes no matter its a school, college, training center or a university, etc. There is just one-time record entry of any person to save it for a lifetime period. We provide a stress-free solution beyond the paperwork by handling all work on one system.
Our product is a comprehensive package of the bulk of applications that is efficient, reliable, competent, dynamic, affordable and much more.

Product Features

A cloud based feature rich online school management system digitalize the education institutes. This school management software manages everything at single click starting from admission to leaving the school. Click on a feature to see its details.

  • Admission Management

    The admission management system will assist you not just in enrolling a student but also in updating any record of the enrolled students at any time you need.

    Admission Form(Entry)
    Up-to-date admissions report
    Monthly admissions
    Class wise admissions
    Gender wise admissions
    All comparison reports
    Area wise admissions
    comparison (From which area more students are coming)
    Value added feature of SMS will also be provided with this module
  • Fee Management

    The fee management system allows the accounts department to track fee dues of every student automatically.

    Fee form (Entry)
    Fee divst detail report
    Daily fee summary report
    Monthly fee analysis report
    Fee collection report cashier wise
    Class wise fee analysis report
    Recovery % report (how much remaining fee has been recovered from students)
    Defaulter’s fee list report
    Multiple campus report (cross campus fee collection)
    Multiple campus report
    SMS value added service is included
  • Result Management

    Result management tool of school information management system helps faculty to calculate results digitally, without error.

    Class wise test result report
    Weekly test result report
    Monthly test result report
    Pre-send-up’s result report
    Send-up’s report
    Pre-board report
    Subject % wise comparison report
    Overall % wise comparison report
    Board to board comparison report
    Monthly progress comparison report
    SMS value added feature is also included
  • Finance Management

    Accounts management like income, expenses, staff salaries, daily vouchers, and student’s fee records is now digital while using school data management system.

    Daily cash book
    Vouchers, CRV, CPV, BRV, BPV, PV and JV
    Ledger Reports / Sub ledgers Reports
    Trail Balance
    Profit and loss account
    Balance sheet
    Income and expenditure reports month wise Key Features
  • Attendance Management

    Keep an eye on proper check-in and check-out time of students and staff through attendance management system.

    Thumb Impression (Entry)
    Daily Absent report
    Daily Attendance report
    Monthly Attendance report
    Comparison of monthly
    Attendance report
    Short Leave report
    Summary of present % report
    SMS value added service is also included
  • Library Management

    The online library management system provides an efficient digital library where you can keep all records online.

    Tracks number of books and subscribers in a library
    Add manage books categories
    Manage and edit books
    Search books
    Add book details with category, price and purchase date
    Maintains book issue date, return date and overdue days
    Maintains persons details who are concerned with the books.
  • Assets Management

    This application of online school management software Provides eye focus on staff and inventory stock.

    Tracking out the record of entire stock
    Purchased products (consumable/ non consumable) and their bills
    Issued products to a campus/ department
    Available product stock
    Complete information of inventory stock
    Product wise transactions
    Record of purchased stock
    Products date wise report
  • HR Management

    HR management system assists you as your human resource manager to keep an eye on your most crucial liabilities.

    Manage Primary Data
    Departments, Designations, Document type, Leave type, Educational level
    Manage new Employees
    Employee's daily attendance
    Employee's daily attendance report
    Employee Management
    Searching employee
    Editing employee
    Deleting employee
    All employee’s reports
    Employee joining and leaving report

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Why eSM is best school management software

Because electronic school management system is the most beneficial and has more number of applications than any other school management software in the market, trusted by the most valuable institutes in Pakistan and whole over the world. Some of its benefits are stated below.

Consistently Working

Our developers are working continuously to produce the best results. We are trying to make our school software more efficient and reliable with time. You will find eSM, the best product for your business.

Affordable Pricing

There is no issue with the price while using electronic school management system. We have different packages as you can afford. You can select the number of modules that suits your work and does not make a burden economically.

User-friendly Design

We develop a user-friendly interface that is eye-catching and easy to use with a dynamic dashboard Because we believe in maintaining quality, not in quantity.

24x7 Customer Support

Yes, our school software is available for every customer by 24 hours of the week. We are here to provide ou best customer experience by delivering customized stuff that you need.

Easy Backup Option

As we say, our electronic school management system is more secure and reliable, so it is designed with a proper data backup module to make a backup of data as per your requirement.

Wide Range of Features

No doubt, this era is of time-saving, so we designed the school management system with several modules that handle all your workload and save time.

Secure Cloud Host

eSM (electronic school management) is based on a cloud hosting system which is more reliable so that you can access and manage your data at any time and anywhere.

Mobile Application

As everyone wants a better solution, which is easy to use and more speedy, So we are providing an android application with a desktop application to introduced new plugins.

eSM, single solution of your all

The electronic School Management System (eSM) is one the most efficient and reliable software trusted by most valuable institutes in Pakistan and the other corners of the world. eSM is beneficial to handle all operations regarding school management.

It is used to manage students, staff, stock, examination, and all other activities efficiently. It is perfect for reducing the mess of all paperwork, workload. It acts as a comprehensive administrator. Provide the best results in a short time with accuracy. ESM allows users to work consistently, and you can also limit the authority of any user and department. Every department of school will get an advantage from this. Everything can be calculated automatically, such as the results of students, attendance of student and employees, fee records, inventory, staff accountability, employee salaries, etc. Moreover, the school data management system is easy to use with the user-friendly interface and will be the right choice to enhance your business.

important features esm

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